Aava Sparkling Water 750mL Glass Bottle | Pack of 4 Bottles


₹999 (Incl. of All Taxes)




- Zero calories, sugar and additives.

- Origin Aravalli Hills. Enriched with naturally-occurring calcium, magnesium and essential electrolytes

- Pair it with a meal, use it as a mixer or enjoy chilled as is.

- Aava Sparkling Natural Mineral Water in eco-friendly 750 mL (25.3 oz) glass bottles

-Ingredients : Aava Natural Mineral Water, Carbon Dioxide.

- Packaging inspired by the biodiversity in our Aava Ecosystem.

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enriched with natural minerals

Aava's naturally alkaline aquifer water originating in the Aravallis, is lightly sparkled at source to boost its sweet taste. Naturally occurring minerals like calcium, magnesium, & electrolytes makes Aava Sparkling a hydrating & healthy alternative without any sugar or additives.













good for you and for the environment

Origin aravalli Hills

Aava's natural mineral water that originates in the Aravalli mountain range, is lightly sparkled at source to enhance its crisp, sweet taste.

zero water rejection

Aava Sparkling is naturally and originally pure which means it needs no chemical processes like RO, UV, Ionization which cause water rejection.

full of natural minerals

Unlike soda water which is completely demineralised RO water, Aava Sparkling is full of natural minerals which are essential for a healthy diet.

100% recyclable bpa-free pet

PET is the most easily recycled plastic in the world. Through the EPR regime and recycling agencies we ensure we recycle as much PET as we produce.

Feel good fizz, zero guilt

nature’s original zero calorie wellness drink

These bubbles are made up of healthy natural minerals which give Aava Sparkling a distinct sweet taste and also aid your tummy troubles. Drinking carbonated natural mineral water like Aava Sparkling helps digestion and keeps you feeling full for longer. Pair it with a meal, use it as a mixer or enjoy chilled as is.

hydration for every activity, occasion or celebration.

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aava still 750ml glass

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