Originating in the Aravallis

World’s Oldest Mountain Range. Even Older than the Himalayas!

Sourced from a Confined Underground Aquifer

Drop by drop for 20 years Aava trickles down from its protected catchment area to our deep underground confined aquifers. Along the way it passes through layers of clay and alluvium that safeguard it from any pollution. These natural filters enrich Aava with minerals, electrolytes and a naturally alkaline pH of 8+.

Alklaine pH

Immunity booster and antioxidant


Better bone health


Boosts brain functioning and heart health

Low sodium

Regularises blood pressure


Good for teeth and gums


Heals and revitalises skin.

Preserving the Purity is Important to Us

Our sterile bottling environment adheres to international certification standards. A Pharma Grade & entirely Automated Form-Fill-Seal Unit & Sterile Clean Room Technology ensure an unaltered mineral composition in each sip.

Absolute Filtration

Removing all turbidity, suspended solids and the tiniest of bacteria, if any

No Reverse Osmosis

Prevents 74% water wastage and demineralisation.

No UV Radiation

Aava is naturally bacteria-free

56+ microbiological tests

Conducted in-house and at certified NABL laboratories to ensure maximum purity

Zero Carbon Filtration

Aava is organically stable, healthy and odourless

No Ozonisation

Aava’s shelf life is good enough without it

The Aava Ecosystem

The Aava ecosystem is our pristine, pure and protected bottling environment that’s wholly natural, indigenous and homegrown. For 15 years we’ve tried to make the world greener with all that we do. Not a single drop of Aava is ever rejected or wasted at any point. The negligible amount that is not bottled is immediately put to agricultural use.

Zero waste

We do not deploy RO or other technologies which cause water wastage. Every bottle of Aava saves 3 litres of bottled water.

Recharging reservoirs

We don’t take more than nature provides. We constant recharge our aquifers through check dams

Plastic Neutral

We recycle more PET than we produce through our recycling efforts and effective buy-back policy. Aava is 100% plastic neutral as of Decemebr 2019.