Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Aava Naturally Alkaline Mineral Water different?

350 million years ago the Alps and the Himlayas did not exist. What did exist were the majestic Aravallis - the world's oldest fold mountain range from where Aava originates. Aava's 20 year underground journey to our protected natural aquifers enriches it with naturally-occurring calcium, magnesium and essential electrolytes. This composition makes Aava a naturally alkaline water with a pH ranging from 7.9 - 8.3 and an average pH of 8. Aava is a bioavailable source of natural minerals which are an essential part of your diet and a healthy lifestyle. Aava is also one of the only natural mineral waters in India to have a minerality of 12 mg silica along with an in-house certified Water Sommelier.

Where is Aava Naturally Alkaline Water sourced from?

Aava natural mineral water is sourced from protected confined aquifers in a low density area with a thriving natural ecosystem that's home to thousands of indigenous flora and fauna. For 20 years, Aava trickles down from the catchment area from the foothills of the Taranga in the Aravalli range to our deep underground aquifers. Aava's water sources and origin have been certified by leading hydrogeologists, international authorities and certified under IS 13428 since 2005. Aava is bottled as drawn in a fully-automated and hygienic facility to preserve its unique naturally alkaline mineral composition. Know more about Aava mineral water's natural origin here.

How is Aava Natural Mineral Water bottled?

Aava is bottled at a state-of-the-art and fully automated bottling facility certified by the BIS, FSSAI, HACCP and ISO. Our 100% recyclable PET bottles are blow-molded in-house using the best technology by Sidel (12000 BPH). A six stage absolute filtration process removes all sand, turbidity and suspended solids if any. Since Aava is originally pure, bacteria-free and mineral rich it needs no water-rejecting technologies like Reverse Osmosis, Ionization, UV Radiation or Ozonization. The Sterile Clean Room Technology is equipped with an automatic filling, sealing, capping and packaging system that's untouched by human hands at all points. All material movement is done through conveyors and palletized to ensure there is minimal human involvement.

What are the quality checks for Aava Naturally Alkaline Mineral Water?

Since 2005, Aava's natural mineral water has been tested every hour in our 2 BIS certified in-house laboratories. A total of 48 NABL tests are conducted every 10 days. Over 800+ NABL lab reports attest to Aava's unique and naturally alkaline mineral composition and pH8. Along with this our bottling plant is BIS, FSSAI, ISO and HACCP certified which are the leading authorities of food safety and hygiene. Your health and safety is our utmost priority. Aava water is pure and protected, from source to sip.

What are the health benefits of Aava Naturally Alkaline Mineral Water?

Our bodies need minerals to stay healthy, and we get them from our diet. In fact studies show how the bioavailability of minerals from natural mineral water like Aava is good and can be compared with the values derived from milk. Aava's balanced natural composition of calcium, magnesium, sodium, silica, bicarbonates, sodium and alkaline pH 8 top up the health-boosting mineral reserves you ingest through a balanced diet. Aava's natural minerals protect heart health, mood and memory function, benefit bone density, aid digestion, reduce acidity, and could help prevent deficiencies that cause diseases such as osteoporosis, especially when supplemented with the right nutrition. Know more about how Aava naturally alkaline water helps health and wellness here.

Why does Aava Natural Mineral Water have a unique taste?

Aava water is a natural product from a real source that has terroir, holds experiences and gives wellness. Aava's subtle taste and terroir are determined by the minerals it contains. Aava's TDS ranges from 280- 320 mg/l and it has a smooth finish and light sweetness due to its natural silica content. Aava's unique taste received 2 gold stars at the International Taste and Quality Institute Award 2017 where the world's top sommeliers described Aava as an elegant and stylish water with a diamond-like finish, having the perfect amount of minerality, character and finesse. Aava is also one of the only natural mineral water brands in India to also have an in-house water sommelier certified by Martin Reise and Michael Mascha of FineWaters society.

Is Aava a natural mineral water or alkaline water?

Aava is a certified natural mineral water under IS 13428 with a naturally alkaline pH of 8. Aava's natural alkalinity comes from its origin (source) and its uniquely balanced mineral composition which makes it alkaline. These minerals come from the 20 year underground journey during which Aava passes through clay, alluvium and rocks, before it reaches confined aquifers below our bottling facility. No additives or machines are needed to make it alkaline. Hence Aava is a naturally alkaline mineral water.

Is it safe to drink Aava's Naturally Alkaline Mineral water everyday? Is Aava water safe to drink for lactating mothers and babies?

Aava naturally alkaline mineral water is alive with the goodness of calcium, magnesium,sodium, bicarbonates, silica etc which are an essential part of a healthy diet. Nature gives our water everything it needs - we don't add things for taste or enhance with extras. Since Aava natural mineral water is bottled as drawn without any processes, it is absolutely safe and healthy to consume everyday for elderly, babies and even lactating or pregnant women. Aava natural mineral water supplements your balanced diet with healthy natural minerals, it is not a cure or medicine hence if you have any health concerns, it is always best to check with a medical professional.

Why do I sometimes see white sediment in the Aava Water bottle or when I boil Aava Natural Mineral Water?

Since Aava Water is a natural mineral water, it contains dissolved citrate minerals. Sometimes,due to variation in weather conditions during storage or transit, these minerals can precipitate and show up in the bottom of the bottle as very fine particles. Similarly when natural mineral water is boiled, the heat causes white flakes or mineral deposits to appear which are naturally occurring calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Don't worry, this is a natural phenomenon and your Aava water is still completely safe to enjoy.

Is Aava Natural Mineral Water a sustainable bottled water brand?

Right from our protected ecosystem and bottling environment to ensuring zero water rejection and 100% recycling - our commitment to nature comes first. Aava's natural sources are constantly recharged through check dams. Aava natural mineral water is bottled at a zero discharge facility without any Reverse Osmosis or water rejection, holds all mandatory groundwater NOCs and hence every bottle of Aava saves 3 litres of bottled water. Aava is registered with the Central Pollution Control Board and EPR compliant. As of March 2021 Aava water is a plastic neutral mineral water brand with 48 million bottles recycled since Aava recycles more PET than produced. Know more about how Aava is a sustainable mineral water brand here.

How is Aava Natural Mineral Water a plastic neutral brand in India?

The EPR (Extended Producers Responsibility) regime in India mandates all producers to take responsibility for efficient waste management and EPR is geography/brand agnostic. PET is the most recycled plastic in the world. Globally 45% of PET gets recycled. In India, 92% gets recycled due to a unique recycling ecosystem involving ragpickers, kabadiwalas and recyclers. As of 2021 Aava has recycled 48 million PET bottles. All Aava PET bottles have buy-back prices printed. We work with waste management agencies which ensure efficient PET bottle collection. Currently, this collection is done through EPR partner Shakti Plastics and our in-house recycling ecosystem. Know more about it here .

Why is Aava Natural Mineral Water more expensive than brands like Bisleri, Aquafina, Bailey and Kinley?

Aava is a natural mineral water brand (IS 13428) whereas Bisleri, Aquafina, Bailey and Kinley are packaged drinking water brands (IS 14543). Packaged drinking water can be sourced from anywhere and purified through RO, Ozonization, UV radiation and other processes. Hence manufacturing, logistics and distribution is much easier for packaged drinking water. Unlike packaged drinking water, natural mineral water brands like Aava have a single bottling facility and origin, located in remote locations to protect the water source from pollution. Hence natural mineral waters which are bottled as drawn are more expensive than packaged and purified drinking waters.

Is Aava Natural Mineral Water the same as Himalayan, Evian, Vedica and Veen water?

Aava, Evian, Himalayan, Veen and Vedica are all certified natural mineral water brands, each with a unique origin, natural mineral composition and different pH levels. As per product packaging and website, Veen and Evian have an average pH of 7.2. Himalayan has a pH of 7.7 and Vedica has an average pH of 7.9. Aava is a naturally alkaline mineral water in India with an average pH 8 and certified by 836 NABL lab reports over a period of 17 years. Aava naturally contains 12mg silica which makes it a unique naturally alkaline mineral water. Aava is also the only natural mineral water in India to have an in-house certified Water Sommelier.

What is the difference between Aava Alkaline Water and ionized alkaline water?

Aava is naturally alkaline and bottled as drawn from protected confined aquifers to ensure its naturally alkaline mineral composition and pH 8 stay intact. Aava's alkalinity is a natural phenomenon, not a manufactured one through RO, Ionization or any machines or additives.

 Ionized alkaline water is put through an Ionizer that uses electricity to change the chemical composition of water and make it alkaline temporarily with a high pH. Ionized alkaline water with a high pH may or may not contain minerals. Before water is put through an Ionizer it is first purified using reverse osmosis. RO demineralises water and causes water wastage. Even if minerals are re-added to ionized alkaline water, studies show that, almost none of the commonly used methods to remineralise water after purification can be considered adequate to positively impact health. In fact, the World Health Organisation has cautioned against drinking demineralised and RO water with a low mineral content.

How is Aava Alkaline Water different from Evocus, Alkalen, Essentia and other alkaline water?

Aava is a naturally alkaline mineral water, that means its alkalinity comes from the presence of natural minerals and its average pH is 8. No machines or additives are needed to make Aava alkaline, it contains naturally-occurring calcium, magnesium, sodium, silica and bicarbonates. Evocus, Alkalen, Essentia and other ionized alkaline water brands use purification processes such as RO and Ionization or ionizer machines to make their water alkaline.